We are Guizzo. We offer great design to small businesses.

Our Work

Our work testifies where we have been, what we have seen and turned into a positive story.
Our portfolio holds the thoughts we have brought to life and are a living testimonies.

  • Safe and Sound Hound

    Safe and Sound Hound

    Branding, Digital, Logo, Portfolio, Vehicle Graphics

  • Palmerston Suites

    Palmerston Suites

    Branding, Illustration, Logo, Portfolio, Print

  • Destiny Scotland – St. Andrew Square Apartments

    Destiny Scotland – St. Andrew Square Apartments

    Branding, Logo, Portfolio

  • CODE Hostel

    CODE Hostel

    Branding, Illustration, Portfolio

  • Silverlining Apartments

    Silverlining Apartments

    Branding, Logo, Portfolio

  • Cloud 9 apartments

    Cloud 9 apartments

    Branding, Digital, Logo, Portfolio

  • Albany Lettings

    Albany Lettings

    Branding, Logo, Portfolio, Print, Vehicle Graphics

  • Roberto Benigni’s Portrait

    Roberto Benigni’s Portrait

    Illustration, Portfolio

  • Family Portrait

    Family Portrait

    Illustration, Portfolio

  • Personal Portraits

    Personal Portraits

    Illustration, Portfolio

  • Stay at the Festival

    Stay at the Festival

    Branding, Digital, Illustration, Logo, Portfolio

  • At Home in Edinburgh

    At Home in Edinburgh

    Branding, Digital, Logo, Portfolio, Vehicle Graphics

  • The Ratpack Pianobar

    The Ratpack Pianobar

    Branding, Digital, Portfolio, Print

  • Procter & Gamble

    Procter & Gamble

    Digital, Portfolio

  • Ready for Food

    Ready for Food

    Branding, Digital, Logo, Portfolio, Print

  • Metodologia & Calcio

    Metodologia & Calcio

    Digital, Portfolio

  • All About You Salon

    All About You Salon

    Branding, Digital, Portfolio, Print

  • Sweet Memories

    Sweet Memories

    Digital, Portfolio

  • Hip Hop Art School

    Hip Hop Art School

    Logo, Portfolio

  • La Piazza

    La Piazza

    Digital, Portfolio

  • La Gustoseria

    La Gustoseria

    Logo, Portfolio

  • Enel Green Power

    Enel Green Power

    Digital, Portfolio

  • Jacintha Canary

    Jacintha Canary

    Branding, Digital, Logo, Portfolio, Print

  • Edinburgh Italian Classes

    Edinburgh Italian Classes

    Branding, Digital, Logo, Portfolio, Print

  • I fabbri della soffitta

    I fabbri della soffitta

    Logo, Portfolio

  • Rosadeventi


    Branding, Logo, Portfolio, Print

  • Marionette in Libertà

    Marionette in Libertà

    Logo, Portfolio

  • Aladino


    Logo, Portfolio

  • Amministrazione Tommasi

    Amministrazione Tommasi

    Branding, Logo, Portfolio

Our services

Whether you are a start-up or need to give your business a fresh look, we offer the most attentive branding service, tailored to your small business needs and budget. We can design all you need: logo, leaflet, brochure, Facebook page and website, all organic and in line with your business image.

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Want to stand out from your competition and attract the right kind of business? A well-defined brand speaks more than a thousand words…
Read about what we can design for you

Logo Design

You may need a logo for your brand new company, or just feel that the one you’ve been using needs a refresh. We can help:Our standard offer includes comprehensive research into your marketplace and strategy, three design drafts and several revisions. 

Business Cards and other Stationery

It’s a fact: Business cards are the most used branded item for us all. Make sure yours represent your business in the right way and tell your potential customers all they need to know. We will design all of your stationery for you and if you like, also provide quotations and assistance with the printing. 

Shop Front

When was the last time you had a look at your shop front from your customers’ point of view?
Time passes and signs get old and battered, but customers are always changing and they evaluate your shop by its exterior every day.
Let’s make sure your shop front reflects your service and products.
Don’t let your customers walk in your competitor’s shop just because of an old and forgotten sign! 

Vehicle Graphics

Do you own a car or a van that you use for work or even just to get to work? Well, you are sitting on a great way to advertise your business.
Starting from a simple magnet up to a total vehicle wrap, we can help get your brand on four wheels and around the town within your set budget.





Grow your business through engaging and compelling print designs that present your products or services in the right light.
Read about what we can design for you


Flyer are often the easiest way to advertise your small business.
We can help you find out what’s the best for you and make sure the message you want to send is clear.
A well designed flyer to bring you the results you are looking for!

Leaflets and Brochures

Often a flyer is not enough to explain who you are and what you do.
That’s when you should consider a brochure or a two fold leaflet. These can give your business the representation it needs, and it’s a professional way to post your info to potential clients.
From two pages to a thousand, we can help you with everything from the choice of media through to the design, layout, content and print.


You have decided to invest in advertising and have purchased a costly space in a newspaper, magazine or website. Well done!
Now let’s make sure that your ad is seen by the right people!
We can help build the whole campaign or design a one-off ad, we help you refine the message and evaluate the amount of content.
This way we make sure your ad stands out and communicates your offer clearly, making the best of your investment.





The internet is full of opportunities to reach out to a large audience of potential clients or customers. Don’t miss out!
Read about what we can design for you


Nowadays, websites are a must-have for small businesses.
We’ll make sure that our design is unique and perfectly reflects your brand. We offer you the technology you need for the cost you have budgeted.
From a very basic on-line presence to the most advanced interactive website, we can make it happen!

Social Media Pages

It may feel like it’s not that important, but once your social media pages match your brand design you’ll realise how much more professional your business will look. And the fee is so small!
We can take care of the whole set-up and manage it for you if you can’t spare the time.

Newsletter Template

Keeping your contacts updated with your latest news is very important. But often you only have standard looking email templates to choose from that don’t match your brand at all.
Many email marketing services like Mail-Chimp allow you to design and upload your very own template. We can design a newsletter for you that fits in with your corporate website and any other marketing material you already use.

Email Signature

Many don’t realise how far this little piece of branding can go. Making sure your customers have all of your contact details always at hand is a major way to increase contacts. And if they match your corporate image as well, they will always keep you well in mind.
We can design and set-up an html signature for  you and your staff and make sure you don’t lose out on any opportunities.


Guizzo is pronounced “gwittso”. It means “creative flick”, in Italian.

Our Mission

At Guizzo we offer corporate design, web design, event design,
illustration and social media set-up and management.

Our mission is to tailor great quality design to the needs of small businesses.

We are a small business ourselves, and are hence well aware of how hard investing in communication can be
when we are busy getting clients and earning some money.

We show our clients that a professional looking and well designed corporate image
can start from something as small as a business card, and develop through several years,
as long as client and designer work together on a common, continuous path.

Working with us doesn’t require big investments nor big projects,
we help you outline a plan for your company to build an organic and strong image,
with clear steps and prices, then you are the one setting the time-scales and the budget.

If you would like to know more please contact us and let’s have a chat!


Here is where our past clients are able to speak out for us, our skills, our service. Thank you to those of you who are helping us grow.

by Viviana Tagliaferri @ MEDRoute on Guizzo - Design for small Business

Chiara's logo for my Marie Curie MedRoute EU project is a travel in the history of the Mediterranean. It allows the visual to match with the imagination, accompanying the viewers along my Mediterranean 17th century route, and it describes exactly what the project means to be. The attention to the historicity of the map (along with a Tolkenian-like flavour) is what makes me more proud of having this logo for representing such a crucial project in my academic career . Least and not last, it sun-see colors bring fresh air to ideas mainly built in archives and libraries.

Many many thanks to Guizzo for the capacity of intuition and exploration of my work.

Originally posted on 05/03/2018 on Google

by Russell Shedden director @ Haunted HIstory Bus on Guizzo - Design for small Business

Chiara is a fantastic designer, we approached her at fairly short notice with a big project that involved logos, branding, graphics and sketches that most other designers would've baulked at taking it on, but she embraced the project, and managed to deliver it on time, and on budget, without making (too many!) complaints about our various calls and emails late at night to ask for edits!

Originally posted on 01/12/2018 on Google

Chiara's intuition makes her more than a designer (albeit that I chose her on the basis of her inspirational designs) but also a guide, a mentor and an incredible support. I worked with Chiara from the very inception of my business, from designing my logo, my website, and ultimately my van, and from the beginning was in awe of her innate ability to translate my thoughts, no matter how incoherent, into a beautiful, tangible end product that encapsulated absolutely everything I could have hoped for plus more. I wouldn't dream of either using or recommending anyone else.

Originally posted on 01/12/2017 on Facebook

by Martin Auer on Guizzo - Design for small Business

We are using Guizzo Design to help with our LOGO and ARTwork. Chiara, the owner shows a a real interest and has expertise and advise. It made real difference to our business. The pricing is right for a small business budget which is big + again. Thanks Chiara, the Alplings Team. (you're really a part of our team !!)

Originally posted on 3/08/2017 on Google

by Denise Strohsahl on Guizzo - Design for small Business

I have been working with Guizzo on a number of projects in the past year – some for my own business, some for clients of mine – and I can only highly recommend them! Chiara is a very creative and skilled designer, for digital as well as print, and she'll quickly grasp what your company is about and put it into beautiful designs.

Originally posted on 30/07/2016 on Google

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Design can be both an opportunity & a challenge for small businesses. Check out our blog for tips, ideas & advice on how to work with designers.

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“Communication is about what they hear, not what you say.” That was my teacher’s favourite motto, saying that no matter how hard you try to say something the only point of view that really counts is the recipient’s. A marketing campaign, a leaflet, a flyer or a banner, whatever media your small business is using, […]

What’s a logo, really? It’s the first and most important piece of your brand identity. It says who your company is. It’s your company’s face and signature. It’s fundamental that you understand this when asking your logo designer for an estimate: A logo should be unique, there is a lot of research involved to make […]

At Guizzo  we are passionate about food, craft and makers’ markets, in fact we are stall holders ourselves although just during the weekends. We know how at markets you need to face the weather, withstand the increase/decrease of the amount of business in different months, and to stand out among dozens of fellow traders, often while staying underneath the very same gazebo […]

I firmly believe that everyone has the natural ability to recognise a balanced design project that works well (no matter if this is a logo, a leaflet or a website) from an unclear, messy, amateur one. Just… some people will analyse what they are looking at, and be able to tell what puts them off […]

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